Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (PR-LSAMP) is pleased to announce its scholarship opening for undergraduate research students in the fields of science, mathematics and engineering (STEM).


Participation requirements:

    • Create or update your electronic profile on our website
    • Full time enrollment (12 credits or more per semester) in an undergraduate Science, Engineering or Mathematics program
    • General and major GPA of 3.10 or higher
    • Statement of Purpose
    • Title of research project
    • Research summary or abstract, no more than 300 words 
    • Most recent student's transcripts
    • 2 letters of recommendation

 We invite you to apply to the research opportunity that the program provides by submitting all required documents by the deadline. No applications will be accepted after the deadline.

All awarded students will receive a stipend of $800.00 plus $200.00 for materials to be used in their laboratories per semester.  

Our program receives over 350 applications each year of which only 90 are awarded. When applying have in regard the high competitiveness of our program.


Terms and Conditions

Eligibility Requirements:

To be eligible to apply for a PR-LSAMP stipend and participate in the Mentored Undergraduate Research Experience program, the applicant must:

  1. Be a US Citizen or permanent resident. PR-LSAMP is not allowed by its rules and regulations to give economic support to foreign students.
  2. Be enrolled in a bachellor degree program in Natural Science, Technology, Engineering or Math (STEM).
  3. Have a GPA and a Major GPA of at least 3.10 (selection of eligible applicants starts with the highest GPA’s).
  4. Submit the application form with all the required documents by the established deadline.
  5. Submit to the PR-LSAMP office the official academic transcript and two letters of recommendation by the established deadline.

Due to limitation of funds, priority will be given to those eligible applicants that will be working with researchers that are actively publishing research work.

To continue in the program during the second semester of the given academic year, the student must:

  1. Submit the academic transcript with the grades obtained the previous semester.
  2. Maintain a GPA and a Major GPA of at least 3.10.
  3. Have complied with all the program requirements and those agreed with his research mentor during the past semester of the academic year.

Participation Requirements

If accepted to the program, the students must:

  1. Attend all the workshops scheduled by the PR-LSAMP program as well as those scheduled by his/her research mentor.
  2. Comply with the requirements established by his/her research mentor regarding the hours to be  dedicated to the research work in the lab.
  3. Maintain a GPA and a Major GPA of at least 3.10.
  4. At the end of each semester the student must submit to his research mentor a narrative report that includes: a summary with pictures, supporting documents, graphics and tables that specifically describes the accomplishments of the research conducted. The report should not exceed 3 pages. This report should be uploaded through the PR-LSAMP student electronic profile for the research mentor approval.  Once the mentor gives compliance the PR-LSAMP Program will proceed to pay the research stipend.
  5. Present his research work at the annual Puerto Rico Interdisciplinary Scientific Meeting / Junior Technical Meeting (PRISM / JTM).  

For more information please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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