At the end of each semester the student must submit  a narrative report that includes: a summary with pictures (if available), supporting documents (if apply), graphics and tables that specifically describes the accomplishments of the research conducted.

The report should not exceed 3 pages (with everything included).  

For space limitation, please make sure your PDF document do not exceed 1,024 KB (1MB).   

Images, tables and graphics are optional, but if you do want to put them in the report you must make sure it do not exceed the size limit.

In this report example we got images and table and it only took 223 KB  click here to see Example

If your document exceed the 1,024 KB limit, here is what you should do (assuming you are using MS-Word and Windows):

How to Reduce File Size:

Step 1 

Please do this AFTER you finished your report. - if you decide to add more images, you must repeat this process again:

Select one of your images in your document (click one of the images) - see image below, arrow 1

Now click on the "Format" ribbon (top of window)- see image below arrow 2

On this ribbon, click the "Compress Pictures" button - see image below arrow 3


Home Page


Step 2

 On the new "Compress Pictures" window that appears do the following: 

  • Uncheck "Apply only to this picture"  (see arrow 1) 
  • Check "Delete cropped areas of pictures" (see arrow 2)
  • Select "Web (150 ppi)" (see arrow 3)

The window must look like the image below:

Now click on the "OK" button (see arrow 4)

Home Page 



Step 3

Now you may save your document as a PDF file and check the size

To check size (on Windows):

  • press Windows Key and "E" key at the same time (this will open Windows Explorer)
  • Locate for your PDF file (do not open).  
  • Right click your PDF file, and select properties. Look for the "File size" property.

If PDF size still is bigger than 1,024 KB, then you must delete one or more images from your document. Save it as PDF and check size again.  Keep doing this until you get the desired document size.

You may omit the images on this report, if necessary. 

Tables and Excel-made graphics do not take too much space as do images (like JPG and PNG photos).  That is, unless you pasted the tables and graphics as images.  

If you still have document size problems, then delete everything else and keep only the TEXT of the report.  Now save it as PDF and submit it.



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