When you enter to the form you have 50 minutes to complete your task.  If the system does not see any action from you in that period of time, the session will be close, and you have to start from the beginning (login again).

It's recommended that you have your report on Word (or any other editor) at hand. So you can copy/paste your report. This will take seconds and the system will accept your report submission.



Step 1

Login into your Profile (see How to login into the E-Registration System)

Note: If your Profile is more than 3 months old, the system will ask you to “Update” your information. Just check all fields and make changes, if necessary. Then click “Update Profile” to continue to your Home Page



Step 2

On “Home Page” go to the "Registration Status" section - it is the last section. See image below (notice: image is different for each student, depends on what activities he/she is registered).  Look for the proper period of the "Undergraduate Research".  

On this example we will submit the August-December (Fall) period. (see red arrow 1)

If you have not submitted the report the you will see in the "Reported" column the word "No" (see red arrow 2)

Proceed to click on the "Upload Report" for the correct period (in this example is "Fall") - see red arrow 3.

Home Page



Step 3

The next page is where you submit your report.  Click on the "Choose File" button below the green square.

Select your report file (must be in PDF and size cannot be bigger than 1,024KB [1MB]).  When you have selected your file click on the "Open" button.

Finally click on the "Upload selected file" button.

If the upload was successful you should see a PDF icon inside the green square (see right image below)

Before uploading your report file:

Upload Report

After you successfully uploaded your report file:

Upload Report



Step 4

After your uploaded your report, clcik on the "Go Back" button to return to your Home Page.  

Look for the Registration Status section and look for your "Udergraduate Research" table.

Check the "Reported" status on the acted period (on this example "Fall").  You should see a "Yes" (see red arrow 1). This means your report was submitted successfully.  

Undergraduate Research Status Table



Step 5

IMPORTANT: Now you need to contact your mentor and ask him to evaluate your progress.  Your mentor need to enter to his profile and evaluate your work for that period (in this example "Fall" semester).  You can monitor your mentor evaluation on the "Compliance" column (see red arrow 2)



Step 6

After your mentor evaluation and approval, you can verify the status on the "Undergraduate Research" status table.  If all procedures are completed (your submission and your mentor's evaluation), then on your "Reported" column should read "Yes" (see green arrow 1) and on the "Compliance" column should read "Yes" (if your mentor approved your work).

NOTE: This example was made for the Fall semester (August-December).  For Spring or Summer reports the instructions should be the same, but you should use the corresponding period row of the Undergraduate Research Report Status table.

Undergraduate Research Status




If you have any question you can contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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