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How to Register into JTM-PRISM

Graduate students, please proceed to Step 1.

If you are Undergraduate or Pre-College, read this before you continue:

  • The registration is done by the main presenter of the research.  If you are a co-presenter you need to ask the main presenter to add you. After the main presenter registers you into this activity, you must go to your profile and print your confirmation.
  • Main presenter may only have one (1) co-presenter. 
  • Main presenter is responsible for the co-presenter's registration. 
  • The co-presenter MUST have a PR-LSAMP profile. If not, the co-presenter needs to create a profile BEFORE the main presenter registers into this activity (see  "How to create a new student profile") .




Step 1

Login into your Profile (Click the following link to know How to login into the E-Registration System)

Note: If your Profile is more than 3 months old, the system will ask you to “Update” your information. Just check all fields and make changes, if necessary. Then click “Update Profile” to continue to your Home Page

If you do not have a profile in our system click on the following link: "How to create a new student profile" first.  When you create your end creating your profile then continue with Step 2



Step 2

Your “Home Page” will appear (image below)
Home Page

Go to the “Available Activities for Registration” section and look for the "JTM/PRISM" for this year.  Click on the "Register" button on the left (see red arrow, above image) 



Step 3

If you are a Graduate Student, go to Step 4.

Undergraduate and Pre-College: The next page has some instructions, read them.  If you are the main presenter, click on the button below on the right that says "I am the main presenter" to proceed.  If you are the co-presenter, click on the "I am a co-presenter" button.



Step 4

A form will appear with several sections. The first section is your mentor information. Fill out all fields, if needed.

Undergraduate Research Form

If you scroll down you can see the next section of the form, "RESEARCH PRESENTATION".  Select the field of your research, and write down the title and abstract in English - double check syntax and spelling.

Note: Please, use proper capitalization for the title. These examples are not accepted:

  • crystallization as a separation technique

Title should be written like this: Crystallization as a Separation Technique

Note: On the "Research Authors" fields, please enter the complete name of the author (first name, initial, then surname format, Ex.  John B. Doe) on the left fields, and its correspondent institution on the right field  (Ex. PCUPR or Escuela Ramon Power y Giralt).


Note: Please, use proper capitalization for the authors names and affiliation. These examples are not accepted:

  • john b. doe

Name should be written like this: John B. Doe



Graduate Students go to Step 5.

Undergraduate and Pre-College
: Find at the end of the form the "CO-PRESENTER" section. If you do not have a co-presenter, go to Step 5.


If you do have a co-presenter, you need to enter his/her student ID number (or profile SID number) on the field, and press "Find Co-presenter" button.

JTM/PRISM Registration Form

If you enter an incorrect number, or the co-presenter is not on our database the following message will appear:

JTM/PRISM Registration Form

If this occurs, then:

  • Check if the student ID (or profile SID) of your co-presenter is correct.
  • If the number is correct
    • Ask your co-presenter if he/she has a profile in the PR-LSAMP database. If not, your co-presenter must create a profile before you proceed. (your co-presenter will needs to follow this steps to create a profile: How to create a new student profile)


If the search was successful then the name of your co-presenter will be visible to you. (see image below).  If the name on the field is not your co-presenter, you may remove it by clicking in the "Remove" button on the left; then you may repeat the search, or continue without a co-presenter.

JTM/PRISM Registration Form



Step 5

Once you finish the registration form, scroll down so you can click the "Register" button to confirm your registration, or click "Cancel" to go back to your "Home Page" without registering.


If you click the "Register" button, and your form has errors, the system will highlight them in red (see image below).  Scroll through all the form and correct the fields. Then try to click the "Register" button again.

JTM/PRISM Registration Form - Errors



Step 6

If your registration was successful, you will see the following screen:

JTM/PRISM Confirmation Page




  • Print this screen. You will have to show this to the PR-LSAMP Staff to confirm your assistance. 
  • Undergraduates and Pre-College Students: This confirmation is for one person. If you have a Co-Presenter, you need to ask your co-presenter to enter to their profile and print his/her confirmation. The co-presenter needs to show his/her confirmation to the PR-LSAMP Staff to confirm his/her assistance.


You can verify your registration anytime when you enter to your profile.  On your "Home Page", go to the "Registration Status" section and look for the JTM/PRISM activity for this year.  You can make any changes on your registration on either the title, abstract, author list, or Co-Presenter (for undergraduate or pre-college) by clicking on the "Edit" button on the left.  You can also see and print your confirmation by clicking the "Confirmation" button.  If you want to unregister click on the "Delete" button,  but note that if you are the main oral presenter and you have a co-presenter, his/her registration will be also deleted.


You can only Edit or Delete your registration BEFORE THE DEAD LINE for this activity.


 If you still need help, contact:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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