Electronic documents that you will need before you begin your registration:

  • Statement Purpose Research Interests Essay (1,000 words) - MS Word format
  • Transcript (student's copy) - PDF format

You will be asked to upload both electronic documents into the system.  If you do not have them, the registration will fail.

You must read and agree with the Terms and Conditions for this activity (see, Terms and Conditions for Undergraduate Research)

Please read all steps carefully.



Step 1

Login into your Profile (see How to login into the E-Registration System)

Note: If your Profile is more than 3 months old, the system will ask you to “Update” your information. Just check all fields and make changes, if necessary. Then click “Update Profile” to continue to your Home Page

If you do not have a profile in our system see: "How to create a new student profile" first then continue with Step 2



Step 2

Your “Home Page” will appear (image below)
Home Page


Check “Your Mentor” section:

  • If this area is RED you must add a mentor (see How to choose your mentor)
  • If this area is YELLOW you must ask your mentor to login into the system and accept you as his/her mentee. - The area should be green before you proceed.
  • If this area is GREEN you can proceed to Step 3




Step 3

Look for the “Available Activities for Registration” Section, there is a table list with activities you can register. Now find the activity you would like to register to and click on the button that is to the left – For this example we will try to register into “Undergraduate Research 2015-2016” (see red arrow, below image)



Step 4

After your click the “Register” button a form will appear, fill out the fields – some fields are required.

Undergraduate Research Form

NOTE: Undergraduate Research activity form requires to upload 2 documents:

  • Statement Purpose Research Interests Essay (Word Format).
  • Student's copy of Transcript  (PDF Format).

If you do not have the files at hand, you cannot proceed with the registration process.



Step 5

To upload your “Statement Purpose Research Interests Essay”, scroll down the form to the section “Upload Documents” and look for the specified field. (below image, arrow 1)

Undergraduate Research Form - Upload Section



Step 6

Click on the "Choose File" button (see arrow 1, above image) and a window will appear:

Document Browsing Window



Step 7

Browse your computer to find your “Statement Purpose” document (it has to be MS Word format), click on the document's name and then click “Open” button



Step 8

For the “Transcript” scroll down the form until you see the “UPLOAD DOCUMENTS” section (see below image, arrow 2)

Undergraduate Research Form - Upload Section



Step 9

Click the “Choose File” button (see arrow 2, above image) and a window will appear (below image):

Document Browsing Window



Step 10

Browse your computer to find your “Transcript” document, click on it and then click “Open” button



Step 11

On the “LETTER OF RECOMMENDATIONS:“ section, add the contact information from your 2 references.  Please be extremely careful when writing their names and email addresses correctly.  Because, with this information the system will generate an email with a special link for both references that will allow them to upload their recommendation letters into our database. 

PR-LSAMP will not accept student transcript neither recommendation letters by email or hard copies.

Home Page - Registration Status section marked in red




Step 12

After you fill all the required fields on the form and have selected the files to be uploaded, click on the “Register” button at the end of the form.

  • If there are any errors on the form, the system will highlight in red all the fields that need correction. Scroll the form and seek the highlighted fields and correct them. Then click again the “Register” button

If all goes well, you will receive a message acknowledging that you have registered into the activity and the documents were uploaded successfully (see below image) and each of your references will automatically receive an email asking them to upload their recommendation letter into the E-Registration System.
Note: Contact your references to see if they have received the e-mail asking for uploading their letter of recommendation. If they do not see the email, ask them to look into the “Spam” folder. PR-LSAMP will only allow uploaded recommendation letter from the official institutional e-mail of the reference. PR-LSAMP will not accept recommendation letter from e-mail. If reference has problem uploading the file, write us (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Home Page - Registration Status section marked in red


You can check your registration status on the “Registration Status” section at the end of your “Home Page". You will see a list of the activities that you are registered to. For Undergraduate Research you will see a table that have 3 periods:

  • Fall (August-December)
  • Spring (January-May)
  • Summer (June-July)

This table also includes:

  • Status column (to check if you are accepted for the period)
  • Reported column (to know if you have reported for this period)
  • Action column (to upload a report for this period)
  • Compliance column (to see if your mentor is in compliance with your work at the end of the period)

You will need to check this table every now and then, to see the status of your registration for each period. Use this table to upload your report at the end of each period.

 Below that table you can also check all uploaded documents for your registration.  Including your recommendation letters.  You can re-send to your references the “upload link” e-mail by clicking on the “Re-send e-mail” button.  If you use this button 2 times and your reference has not received the e-mail, please contact us. Also make sure that the e-mail is not in the spam folder.

If you have any question you can contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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