Step 1

Click on the following link:

The following page will appear:

E-Registration Login Screen



Step 2

Click on the “Create New STUDENT Profile” link (see arrow on the above image)

The following form will appear:

Create Student Profile Form



Step 3

Fill all required fields and click on the “Create Profile” button at the end of the form.




Step 4

After your profile creation you will be sent to the Research Experiences page. You may add any kind of experience in research you have, any internships, professional meetings, or any publication that you were part of. When you have finished adding your experiences click the "Back to my Home Page" button.




Step 5

After your profile is created, the system will show your Home page:

Student Profile Home

Note: If you are an undergraduate or graduate student, you must associate a mentor to your profile. (See "How to choose your mentor")

Must PR-LSAMP activities for undergraduate and graduate students require that you have a mentor associated with you. You cannot register without a mentor.