Step 1

Login into the E-Registration System (see: How to login into your profile (Faculty))

Your home page will appear:

E-Registration Login Screen



Step 2

On your home page, look for a green section titled: "The following students are your mentees".

Note: This section only appears when a student is assigned you as their mentor - and you previously accepted him (see: How to accept your student as your mentee). If you do not find this section do not continue.

If you have students as your mentee, you will see their names, and student ID.  To the far right you will see all your student's activities that he/she has registered. Look for the report table of the "Undergraduate Research" activity for the year period you need to set compliance - on this example, the year period is 2014-2015.  This report table is divided on 3 periods:

  • Fall (August-December)
  • Spring (January-May)
  • Summer (June-July)

To set the compliance for a specific period, click on the "Set Compliance" Button on the right of the period. For this example we are evaluating the student for the "Spring" period. (see red arrow, above image)

NOTE: The "Set Compliance" button only appear if student has submitted his/her report for that period.  If student did not have submitted their report, you will see a "Awaiting report" message instead.  In this case, ask your student to submit their report first.

When you click the button, a message will appear on your home page:

Password Recovery Screen



Step 3

On this new page you will see your students name, the research title and description. You will also see his report for that period and when he submitted that report.  Below is a space for your comments (optional). And at the end of the form, there are 3 buttons:


Button Where is it What it does
Back Home see arrow 1, above image Click to return to your home page without making any changes
Compliance see arrow 2, above image If you click this button you are certifying that the student has complied with all the requirements for this period of research
Not in Compliance see arrow 3, above image Click this button if the student does not complied with all the requirements for this period of research


Click on one of the button depending on your student's work for the semester period.

After clicking any button you will be sent to your "Home Page".  You can check on the student table to see if your answer was updated on the system for that period. 

If you need more help, contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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