Step 1

Click the following link:

The following page will appear:

E-Registration Login Screen



Step 2

Enter your credentials (e-mail and password) and click on “Faculty” (see red arrow, above image)

The login button will appear:

E-Registration Login Screen



Step 3

Click "Login" to proceed. (see arrow, above image)

Note: If your Profile is more than 3 months old, the system will ask you to “Update” your information. Just check all fields and make changes, if necessary. Then click “Update Profile” to continue to your Home Page.


  • If you forgot your password click the “Recover” button (see How to Recover Password (Faculty))
  • If the system does not find your e-mail in the database, please check if the e-mail was typed correctly.
  • If the e-mail that you typed was correct, try to remember if you have another e-mail address associated with your profile.
  • If have not ever participated on any PR-LSAMP as faculty, nor remember being a mentor of any PR-LSAMP student, then you should create a new profile on our system.  (see How to create a new profile (Faculty))
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