Undergraduate Research Program  
Aug 09, 2018How to fund your graduate schoolDr. Michael WestratePUCPR-Ponce08:00 AM
Aug 21, 2018Graduate School Experience and Tips for SurvivingMiss Alba K. González-PhD Candidate in BiophysicsArecibo10:00 AM
Aug 28, 2018NASA DaysProgram SpecialistsArecibo08:30 AM
Sep 06, 2018How to develop a research proposalProf. Angel AcostaArecibo10:00 AM
Sep 18, 2018The relation of anxiety and depression to life-stress and achievements in STEMDr. Hilda ViláArecibo10:00 AM
Oct 02, 2018How to prepare for the GREMiss Delvis Barreto, MAArecibo10:00 AM
Oct 04, 2018Biofest 2018Dr. Mari L Acevedo, Dr. Eliana Valenzuela & Dr. Ricardo InfanteArecibo08:00 AM
Oct 16, 2018Study HabitsDr. Frances MártirArecibo10:00 AM
Nov 20, 2018How to prepare an effective oral presentationDr. Eliana ValenzuelaArecibo10:00 AM
Dec 04, 2018Use of technology in oral presentationProf. Antonio DelgadoArecibo10:00 AM
Jan 22, 2019How to prepare a successful resume and a cover letterDr. Kevin KellyArecibo10:00 AM
Feb 05, 2019STEM COOP and InternshipsDr. Hirohito TorresArecibo10:00 AM
Feb 19, 2019Scientific Literature SearchProf. Jadira MaldonadoArecibo10:00 AM
Mar 05, 2019Scientific Reading and Writing SkillsDr. Ricardo InfanteArecibo10:00 AM
Mar 19, 2019Intellectual PropertyDr. Otilio GonzálezArecibo10:00 AM
Apr 02, 2019EntrepreneurshipDr. Olga AlfonzoArecibo10:00 AM
Apr 20, 2019JTM-PRISM 2019Various speakersTo be announced08:00 AM

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